Using A.I. We Take Your Old Or Cold Data And Turn It Into New Appointments

Want Some?

Most appointment based businesses are sitting on a gold mine. Using an A.I. bot we built, we take your old or cold database, run it through our system, and find people that are ready to buy today so you do not have to spend hours calling them one at a time.

We calculate all economic indicators and understand feasibility of advertising campaign

Data Analysis

We make sure your old database is cleaned up and ready to launch.


Then we find the exact people inside of your database that are ready to buy now.


You are notified almost instantly of the ones that are Hott leads.


Experts in Text Message Marketing

Imagine only having to talk to people that are ready to buy now. Some businesses have lists of thousands and do not have time to make all those calls. We are a mega phone shouting out to those who are ready to buy today.

Let Us

Do The Heavy Lifting

Our service is not for everyone. If you are a business that has a database with over 1,000 people we can help you. There are better things your team can be doing besides calling people that might not even be interested in what you are offering. Our job is to free up time so you can run your business.


Successful Appointments Generated. (Dealerships, Hair Salons, Dentists, Chiropractors, Solar Companies, Real Estate Brokers, Gyms, and many other appointment based businesses.

Total Leads Generated

Marketing Strategies

Your database is full of people that said at some point that they were interested in your business or product. Our strategy is simple. Our software finds the people that want to talk now.

Our Structure

We have a team that is ready to take your old or cold stale database and turn it into new appointments and fresh revenue. You put a lot of work building the database that you currently have, our goal is to help you get the most out of the work you already put in.

  • Get your business set up to send text messages using our A.I. software that we built.

  • Clean and organize your contacts to decide which campaign is best for each group.

  • Deploy our bot and let the appointments begin to flow in.


Database Reactivation

The first step is squeezing as many appointments out of your current database as possible. There are many people ready to buy your product or service and they just need a little reminder.

Database Activation

Step two is to set up a lead funnel to collect and add more potential buyers to your database. This can be done through organic means like social media, or beginning to run paid advertising.

Reputation Management

Our bot will also find the customers that had a good experience with you business and automatically ask for reviews and referrals. This is the cherry on top

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